Community Connection is a non-for-profit Incorporated Association and was established in Townsville in 1992.

Daisy Kellie, Sharon Yoxall and Ann Greer, realised the need for specialised, individualised and custom designed support for people and their families with disabilities living in the Townsville community.

The trio identified that there were no services available, that met the criteria and offered opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to participate in their community and have a good life. Sharon, Ann and Daisy then set about establishing such an organisation, now known as Community Connection, which continues to offer cutting edge services and grow from strength to strength.

We provide a diverse range of support to individuals and their families throughout Townsville and North Queensland, Community Connection has developed and refined the true meaning of individualised support.

Whether an individual requires full time support, or just a little help for a few hours per week, we can assist in providing the level of support required. We listen to individuals with a disability across all communication means to maximize personal choice and control.   We see parents and families as the right and proper advocates for people that are not able to speak for themselves.

Community Connection works “outside the square”.

Our organisation is built around the core belief that individuals with a disability and their families have a right to a good life – in the ordinary sense that we all understand a good life to be, with full and valued participation in community.