Plan Management is one of the ways you can manage your NDIS funding package. Altogether, there are three options:

• Manage your own funds (self-management)
• Get a professional to do it (plan-management)
• Let the NDIA do it (agency-management)
• A combination of the above.

You need to say in your planning meeting how you want to manage your NDIS funding package – and you can choose a mix of these options in a way that best suits you.
So a Plan Manager can help with the financial tasks of a plan. For example, making payments to providers, processing of claims and invoices and tracking of budgets. They are paid separately in your NDIS plan to do this. They must be a registered provider.

Community Connection Incorporated is a registered plan management agency.

If you plan-manage your funds, you can use any provider you think will help you achieve the goals in your plan. They don’t need to be registered. We have assisted people link with local services that are not NDIS registered to help achieve their goals – local small business advisors and cleaners as some examples.

So choosing a Plan Manager can be a great way of getting the benefits of self management, but with someone to assist with the financial side of things.