Community Connection provides training and development to individuals with a disability, their families, our community and our broader industry sector.

Our Manager, Ann Greer, is an internationally recognised speaker and trainer in Disability. In September 2015, she was invited to be a key note speaker at the Claiming Full Citizenship International Conference held in Vancouver, Canada. Her presentation, “Where to Now”, received a standing ovation.


Our employees are not required to have previous experience or qualifications. They are selected based on the match and their values and interests.

Compulsory training and workshops are provided to our Lifestyle Assistants to encourage and mentor them to work to our culture and philosophy.

Workshops we deliver include:

  1. Induction
  2. The Social Theory that underpins Community Connection
  3. Community Linking
  4. Behavioural Strategies (when required)
  5. Choice Theory

All Community Connection employees are encouraged to enjoy their work, build a good relationship with the individual they support and their family.

Employees are supported to embrace the four principles of “Fish Philosophy” at work –

  1. Have Fun
  2. Make Their Day
  3. Choose Your Attitude
  4. Be There

Training for Individuals, Families and the Community

We invite our individuals, their families and the community to join us when we organise speakers, workshops and forums for inspirational, mandatory and technical training.

For upcoming training and workshops, click through to our Bulletin Board!