Lynne Kendal – Chairperson

Tara Woollett – Treasurer

Tristan De Mezieres – Secretary

Ann Greer – Committee Member

Sharon Inman – Committee Member

Community Connection Hall of Fame.

Community Connection would like to recognise the contribution and commitment of all past members of our Committee and now Board.

Past Committee/Board Members

Ann Greer – Founder and Chairperson

Daisy Kellie – Founder and Honorary Treasurer

Sharon Yoxall – Founder

Emily Mussap

Julie Watson

Ric Thompson

Mark Norris

Julie Walder – Connections plus chair

Kay Carbis – Chairperson

Lisa Futer

Candy Rawnsley – Chairperson

D’Esley Huskich – Secretary

Dianne Exelby

Kym Geedrick

Jane Keast

Andrew Kinbacher

Nick Kinbacher

Leanne Heness

Greg Exelby – Treasurer

John Brown – Treasurer

Tanya Stainton

Past Coordinators

Deborah Naughton

Maureen Dunn

Dorothy Kimber

Michelle Clark

Maria Gold

Jenny Crutchley

Gina Callaghan

Donna James

Kylie Cole

Fabian James

Marie Cameron