At Community Connection, individuals with a disability and their families are supported by Lifestyle Assistants. Each Lifestyle Assistant is selected by the individual and family, to work with them.

  1. Matched to the individual and family
    1. Suitability
    2. Individuality
    3. Skills
  2. Employed on a casual basis
  3. Employed to work primarily with one family
  4. Employed to work collaboratively with the family, but are also responsible to Community Connection
  5. Employed to work with the person to develop their skills and competencies
  6. Employed to assist the person to link into the community

Each Lifestyle Assistant is employed upon their personality, interests, hobbies and most importantly their ability to communicate effectively with the individual being supported, together with the necessity of being accepted by the individual.

No Lifestyle Assistants commence work with a family or individual prior to meeting them, to ensure we have made the right match.

Community Connection employs and supports our Lifestyle Assistants with inductions, work, health and safety and any other mandatory training required to be able to support your individual.

Community Connection believes that individuals with a disability have a natural right to:

  1. live in their community
  2. live an ordinary life
  3. opportunities and choices in their lives
  4. be respected and valued

If you also believe in this philosophy and would like to work exclusively to support an individual with a disability, please contact us.