Tara Woollett – Chairperson

Lynne Kendal – Vice Chairperson

Sharon Inman – Secretary

Jason Carroll – Treasurer


Community Connection Hall of Fame.

Community Connection would like to recognise the contribution and commitment of all past members of our Board.

Past Committee/Board Members

Ann Greer – Founder and Chairperson

Daisy Kellie – Founder and Honorary Treasurer

Sharon Yoxall – Founder

Emily Mussap

Julie Watson

Ric Thompson

Mark Norris

Julie Walder – Connections plus chair

Kay Carbis – Chairperson

Lisa Futer

Candy Rawnsley – Chairperson

D’Esley Huskich – Secretary

Diane Exelby

Kym Geedrick

Jane Keast

Andrew Kinbacher

Nick Kinbacher

Leanne Heness

Greg Exelby – Treasurer

John Brown – Treasurer

Tanya Stainton

Tristan De Mezieres

Past Coordinators

Deborah Naughton

Maureen Dunn

Dorothy Kimber

Michelle Clark

Maria Gold

Jenny Crutchley

Gina Callaghan

Donna James

Kylie Cole

Fabian James

Marie Cameron

Louise Dulvarie

Petrice Alberich

Tracey Symonds